Field of Screams offers nearby Halloween activities

By Bill Repko

Field of Screams characters set out to scare guests. Photo courtesy of Field of Screams
Field of Screams characters set out to scare guests.
Photo courtesy of Field of Screams

The 22nd annual Field of Screams haunted house and hayride is scheduled to begin next week in Mountville, Pa. Some new additions to the Halloween event include a serpent falls attraction and suffocation chamber. A mixture of macabre rednecks, ghouls and deranged mental patients make up a few of the horror motifs the event will offer this year.

What started as a fledgling business venture back in 1993 has slowly become one of Pennsylvania’s most well received haunted attractions, finding itself featured on The Travel Channel’s “America’s Scariest Haunted Attractions II,” and attracting over 80,000 patrons a year.

Due to the popularity of last year’s 5K Zombie Fun Run, it will return on Nov. 15th to help raise money for the Pa. Breast Cancer Coalition. This obstacle course tests endurance as runners skillfully dodge zombies on their way to the finish line. For those not interested in running, it also offers a chance for volunteers to dress up and play zombies themselves. A survivor medal is given to those who complete the course without being captured more than two times.

With the purchase of a ticket for the haunted hayride, patrons receive free access to the entertainment area, which offers various games for people of all ages to enjoy. Six concession trailers will be serving over 50 varieties of food and beverages, and a VIP option is offered to anyone who wishes to forgo waiting in line.

Festivities are from Sept. 12 until Nov. 9. Additional information can be found at, or by phone: 717-285-7748.

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