By Nick Carson

Jackie Lithgow, the Bloomsburg University student critically injured in a fight involving KU football players and Bloomsburg students on Feb. 23, has seen improvements in his recovery in the month since the fraternity house brawl, and the Lithgow family is remaining hopeful about his health.

According to their blog,, Lithgow has made improvements in physical therapy. The family said that Lithgow is working on item recognition and motor skills, and have written about his successes, and the hope they still have.

“Jackie is still making progress in baby steps and has come an incredible way in just the last two weeks. Based on his injury, his progress can only be explained as a result of prayer. He is doing more now than the docs ever thought he would be doing at this point,” the family wrote on March 23, the one month anniversary of the fight that put Lithgow in the hospital.

In the blogs, the Lithgow family has demonstrated nothing but hope, and never any pity on themselves for what has happened. Despite the fact that Lithgow is in for a very long, tedious recovery, the Lithgow family uses their blog to focus on the positives.

The Lithgow family has also used the blog to make their feelings about Angel Cruz and Justin Wieder, the two KU football players charged in the assault, clear to the public.

“One random moment that has changed so many lives,” the family wrote on the blog. “I refuse to let the anger win. I cannot even comprehend how one human being can do this to another. We simply move forward thinking positively, praying and providing the best care that we can for Jackie. His strength will get him to the finish line.”

According to their blog, the Lithgow family has recently toured two rehabilitation centers in the Philadelphia area, and have applied for Lithgow’s admittance into the Neurorehabilitation Center for Brain Injury at Magee.

Fundraising opportunities are also still open to help the Lithgow family. Most recently, the bakery where Lithgow used to work at Karns Quality Foods, is giving 20 percent of their profits to the Lithgow family, until March 30. Also, at, $46,400 has been raised towards a $50,000 goal since Lithgow’s injury on March 23. Donations are still being accepted.

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