Kutztown University awards Chambliss Awards

Kutztown University awarded eleven students Chambliss Awards, one of its most prestigious awards. Student recipients include: Brooke Ann Coco, Troy Spier, Erin Reynolds, Kristie Thudium, Chloe Jackson, Dea Musa, Nicholas Imbesi, Mary McCormick, E. Justin Warren, Marlena Rock and Guy Sechrist. KU President F. Javier Cevallos and Dr. Carlson R. Chambliss, the Professor Emeritus of Physical Sciences who created the award through a donation, presented the awards to the students. Speakers at the award ceremony included Dr. Andrea Kirshman, Associate Provost for Academic and Student Affairs, Chambliss, Dr. Carole Wells, Vice Provost for Academic and Student Affairs and Cevallos.
Tim Ford, The Keystone

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    Congratulations to everyone whom was honored!

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