By Joe Favinger

Have you noticed those dollar-bill themed coupon books floating around campus this past year? Did you know there was an app for it as well? Thanks to Campus Special, a college marketing firm, everyone can now use coupons in an extremely easy fashion.

This past summer three KU students, Kevin O’ Donnell, Joe Favinger and Kylie Jann participated in an internship with Campus Special. Campus Special specializes in couponing on college campuses.

“Our job was to sign-up nearby businesses to advertise in these mediums,” said O’Donnell. “Then we distributed them freely to KU students. Once the book was created, it was our duty to put these booklets in the students’ hands, and to encourage them to download the complementary app.”

KU students hand out coupon books in the SUB. Joe Favinger, The Keystone
KU students hand out coupon books in the SUB.
Joe Favinger, The Keystone

So what are the perks of the mobile app? As an app, it can be accessed at anytime of the day with the use of a smartphone.

“The coupon booklet is good to use at times if you’re in your apartment or dorm, but if you’re at Mamma’s Pizza getting a late night snack and you forget to bring the book, the app is handy since it’s right on your phone,” said KU student Sam Melchiorre. “Not only that, but if you’re looking to order food from your apartment, you can do it all on the app, no calling or confusion needed.”

The online ordering is another advantage of this app. It also features loyalty punch cards, Facebook integration and Push-to-Call features for easier student to business connections.

If you’re looking to order some Pretzel Rev on a Friday night, in need of school supplies from Business Link or a haircut at West End Salon, the Campus Special app and coupon book offers desirable discounts. To get the application, go to the app store on your phone, tablet or iPad and download Campus Special for free.

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