By Megan Bratton

Professor Alan Hines and Dr. Curt Herr of the English department will host “Hedwig and the Angry Inch” on Tuesday, March 4.

The film will begin at 7 p.m. and a discussion will be held after. This event is located in the Alumni Auditorium, room 183 in the McFarland Student Union building.

The film, which is set to become a Broadway production this spring starring Neil Patrick Harris, is about a transsexual female who is interested in punk rock. She is from East Berlin and tours the United State with her rock band. Throughout the movie the woman tells the story of her life, and her ex-boyfriend and friends end up stealing her songs.

John Cameron Mitchell stars as Hedwig in the film. Photo courtesy of
John Cameron Mitchell stars as Hedwig in the film.
Photo courtesy of

Hines and Herr are showing the film to lead into KU’s Human Diversity spring conference Pride Against Prejudice, which deals with GLBTQ issues.

“Curt and I started showing films about four years ago,” said Hines.

The movies the two professors show are usually about young men and women who are transsexual, gay or lesbian. Showing the movies and having a group discussion after “provides students the chance to ask any questions about sexuality,” Hines said.

Hines speaks highly of these events because he said he feels that students share their opinions that they did not have before. Though the movies have proposed controversial topics, Hines said that the students are all polite and respectful of each another’s opinions.

This film series, Pride Against Prejudice, is beneficial to students because “they have the opportunity to share their opinion and ask questions to teachers in a safe atmosphere,” said Hines.

Feeling accepted when there is a boundary making an individual feel different can make life much harder than it has to be, according to Hines.

“There are many outlets at Kutztown University, and there are a lot of professors and faculty who are willing to talk to students about their struggles,” he said.

Hines says the audiences that attend these movies create an open and accepting atmosphere. Therefore, regardless of what one individual has to say, they feel like they can open up without being judged.

“It should be about diversity and acceptance,” said Hines. “We should celebrate diversity. This is what makes this University interesting.”

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