By Courtney Cawley

Coming to the Kutztown Strand on Saturday Feb. 22, 2014 at 11 p.m. will be “The Knights of Badassdom, which is an adventurous comedy starring Ryan Kwanten, Steve Zahn, and Peter Dinklage.

This movie is directed by Joe Lynch and was released in 2013. It takes place in medieval times and throughout the movie the Knights take on the challenge of dealing with a demon they have accidentally conjured up from hell.

Also coming to The Strand, “Wolf on Wallstreet” will be showing beginning Friday, Feb. 21, 2014 through Thursday Feb. 27, 2014. “Wolf on Wallstreet” is based on the life of Jordan Belfort starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill, and Margot Robbie. It includes the details of his rise to success as a wealthy stockbroker and his demise as a corrupt criminal. Belfort defrauded investors throughout the 1990’s security scam on Wall Street. This film was directed by Martin Scorsese and released in 2013.

This past week The Strand has been showing “Saving Mr. Banks” starring Emma Thompson and Tom Hanks, it is a film about Walt Disney’s promise to his daughters to make their favorite book into a movie. The theater is also showing “Frozen,” starring Kristen Bell and Josh Gad is it a film about an adventure through Everest-like conditions in order to save their kingdom.

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