It has been quite the banner year for the KU Radio station. In the fall semester, KUR submitted entries to the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System (IBS). March 1 through 3, KUR students traveled to NYC to attend radio conferences and the national awards ceremony. KUR was up for three nominations and was crowned winner in Best Interview and earned finalist spots in Best Newscast and Best Station. This year, the station received the Gold Microphone Award recognition, the most elite of the Microphone awards, for the second straight year. These awards were national awards in which KUR competed with stations across the country.
Following their success from the IBS trip, KUR received positive publicity. First, the Kutztown Area Patriot published an article highlighting their trip to NY. Then, the KU Student Government Board awarded the station Gold Status, Organization of the Year. KUR also hosted a Battle of the Bands on April 26 and had an incredible turnout and a very successful show. Most recently, The Reading Eagle published an article in which student members and station manager, Mike Regensburger, were featured.
“I want people to see that we are running a professional product here and we want to keep making it better,” commented Regensburger.
In a way to show the University’s gratitude for such an outstanding performance by the organization, Dean Watrous decided to throw an end of the year banquet for the station and its members. The banquet is set for Saturday, May 11 from 4 p.m. until 9 p.m. in the banquet room in South Dining Hall. KUR members will be set up at their booth on Main Street for the Annual Block Party during the day and will then head over to their University-funded banquet.
At the banquet, food will be served, KUR will announce awards for student members, such as “Best show,” “Best talk show,” and even “Most enthusiastic member.” There will even be member speeches from graduating students. Special guests include President Cevallos, Dean Watrous, and members of the KUR advisory board.
The radio station deserves significant credit for maintaining a very active club of students. “We have an amazing commitment by the students,” said Regensburger. “While parts of the university are suffering from enrollment, we’re not seeing that at all. If anything we’re seeing more people interested in the radio station.”
Although the semester is coming to an end, the radio station keeps going.
“We always have a small sampling of summer shows; the station never goes off the air,” added Regensburger. “We’re on the air 24/7, even during the automated hours there’s always student interaction and involvement.”
Tune in this summer to the radio station on 88.3 FM, 1670 AM, or online at to hear student shows, news and a variety of interesting programs. With such a successful year for the 2012-2013 school year, it will be very exciting to see what the station will do when everyone returns to campus in the fall.

By Haley Bianco

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