Word in the Sheets: Trying Something New

If you want to try something new in bed, what’s the best way to suggest it to your partner?
Sincerely yours, nervous peter

If you’re in a relationship:
Approach it respectfully, taking into account your significant other’s preferences. Set it up as an open conversation in which any opinion is welcome, but take into account that your significant other might be flat-out opposed. Be sure you don’t put off asking the question for too long. Asking for new things two years into a relationship might catch your partner off guard and have a negative effect. Also, be sure to consider why you would like to try new things. Is it because you simply want to spice it up a bit? Or is it more because you don’t feel satisfied with what you’re getting? This distinction can have very different meanings for the state of your relationship.
If it’s casual:
            Don’t be afraid to express what you want early in a budding romance, lest your partner get an incorrect interpretation of what you like and what you want. Say upfront what you’re into. Hey, who knows what people are into these days. You never know the sort of things that your partner might also want to try. But if your partner doesn’t feel the same, then be respectful of his/her wishes. If your partner seems uncertain, then consider giving it some time and allow him/her to get more comfortable with you. However, if the gap between your preferences seems too large, it might be time to reconsider the casual relationship.

By The Keystone Staff

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