The 393 students living in University Place experienced a hot water shortage last week.
This problem only lasted for a couple of days and was fixed on Friday, Feb. 22 at 5 p.m.
This hot water shortage happened because there was a leak in one of the pipes underground. In order to fix this leak the water had to be turned off, so many students residing in University Place had no hot water for some portions of the day. When the work was done for the day, the water was turned back on. But when work resumed the next day, the water was turned back off. The water pressure problem has been fixed and the hot water has been restored. Residents of University Place can rest assured that they can now take hot showers again.
Depending on the area of the building, students experienced inconveniences with water use.
“The only inconvenience was that sometimes the hot water would go in and out,” said Amanda Glenlast, a University Place resident. “It didn’t affect my suite, because the construction was on the other side of the building.”
When asked how much of an inconvenience it was to not have any hot water to take a shower with, Lindsey Sinton, who lives in University Place, said, “It wasn’t too much of an inconvenience, but enough for it to be irritating because every time you would go to take a shower, it would be like taking a shower of ice cubes.”
The water pressure seemed to be a concern to Sinton.
“Also at one point, the water was spurting out of the shower head instead of flowing,” said Sinton.
“When people notice problems, they should report them to TMA or the front desk in their residence halls,” said Kathy Lynch, the Associate Director of Housing and Residence Life.
TMA is a website that allows you to place work orders for problems that may be occurring in your room. The website is
Once the work order is placed, it usually takes three months to be filed by Custodial Services. If you have a problem, like not having hot water, then you should immediately report it to the front desk in your residence hall. That way the problem can be resolved in a timely manner.
TMA cannot be used for any students who live in Golden Bear South, Golden Bear West or the Honors Building since these three residence halls are run by a different organization than Housing and Residence Life. Housing and Residence Life handles the residence-related part of those buildings, like roommate contracts and issues involving a roommate, but they don’t handle any problems the buildings or the rooms may be having.

By Samantha Biastre


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