The vacant position of KU Presents! director was filled by Robin Zaremski, the office of Communications announced on Friday.
Zaremski will coordinate the events in the program, a job that was temporarily filled by Amy Botwright, director of Patron Services, after previous director Andrew Cassano left in late 2011.
Zaremski, originating from Montgomery County, Pa, is a graduate of West Chester University and Temple’s law school. She has had much work experience before coming to KU. In Los Angeles, she worked for a music publisher, record company, and the Screen Actor’s Guild, representing actors and actresses from films such as Aladdin. Recently, she worked as a music business instructor at Albright College, the business manager of ArtsQuest in Bethlehem and the executive director of Levitt Pavilion SteelStacks.
Wanting to go back to working on a college campus, Zaremski was offered that opportunity with KU Presents!
Zaremski already sees many differences between working at KU and her previous jobs. The Levitt Pavilion, an outdoor venue, often experienced problems due to weather.
Zaremski said of Schaeffer Auditorium being an indoor venue, “I like that idea!” She calls Schaeffer “the perfect venue.” Zaremski believes Schaeffer gives a “one-on-one live experience” that many people do not often get.
She calls her job “the perfect combination.”
“I enjoy working on college campuses, and I also like presenting performances,” said Zaremski.
Zaremski plans to “enhance the program.” She emphasizes the “innovative” aspect of the program’s mission statement. In the future, she hopes to reach out to other departments in the university, such as marketing, music and art in order to “have more collaboration.”
She is looking forward to “originality and amazing talent,” as well as working in the newly renovated Schaeffer Auditorium, which celebrates its 75th anniversary this year. Schaeffer is expected to be completed in August.
“Any artist that will come to the new facility will enjoy the experience and the audience will enjoy the experience as well,” said Zaremski.
KU Presents! will hold its next event, a performance by Project on Tuesday, Feb. 19 at 7:30 p.m. The performances continue to be assembled in Ursa Minor’s Café, found in the Multipurpose Room in the Student Union Building. More information on the program and how to obtain tickets can be found at

By Emily Leayman


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