Event dedicated to highlighting “nerdy passions”

By Kara Armstrong

Kutztown University will host its third Ignite event on Oct. 4 at 7 p.m. in the Rickenbach Learning Center, Room 135. Eleven speakers are scheduled.

Ignite is an international organization dedicated to highlighting “nerdy passions.” Coordinator Dr. Emily Cripe first encountered the program when she was a graduate student at Arizona State University. Years later, as chair of the Communication Studies Department, she has brought the event to KU. 

KU’s Ignite event welcomes faculty, students, and community members to present on any topic of interest to them. “From a hobby you have, to a philosophy about life, to a random interest. It can really be anything,” Dr. Cripe explained.

The only stipulation is each presentation must consist of 20 slides that advance automatically every 15 seconds. The total time is five minutes per presentation. 

Previous presentations have covered topics such as apples, interest in action figures as an adult, and the “yes theory.” 

“It’s really fun,” Cripe said. In addition to an entertaining evening, the event allows presenters to develop skills essential to the workforce, such as public speaking, conveying a point concisely and speaking extemporaneously. For audience members, Ignite is a fun night of supporting peers. 

There will be another Ignite event during the spring semester, tentatively scheduled for Feb. 28. Those interested in getting involved should contact Dr. Cripe directly at cripe@kutztown.edu.


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