By Fern Theobaldo

Kutztown University has a new efficient way to promote and sell tickets for dances, sports, museums, plays, concerts, and even day trips. 

KU Arts Brochure

Subscriptions started on July 1. Students can sign up by using their KU credentials. KU Presents has a list of performing artists series for the 2023-2024 season, which begins on September 27. 

The Wallflowers is the first performance on the lineup followed by the musical Sugar Skull: A Día de Muertos Musical Adventure and more eleven performances for this semester.
KU Presents! is a center of cultural life at Kutztown University.  Their director, Bryan Zellmer, said that their mission is to provide “transformative experiences that touch our very souls, and in those moments, we’re all connected in a way that will never be exactly repeated again.”


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