By Devin Bender
Sports Editor

Plan on returning to KU in the fall? Perhaps joining an on-campus job will help earn that extra cash for the semester. With opportunities to socialize on campus and gain some great experience for your resume, campus jobs are a plus for any student. The Student Recreational Services Center is hiring students for next year, and the deadline to apply is Friday, April 15.

Credit: Molly Shiery
Rec Center at Kutztown University

Student Recreational Services recruits over 100 students and staff members each year with many opportunities for them to grow in diligence and dedication to the department. There are many opportunities to pick from even for those who have no prior experience: Climbing Wall Monitors, Lifeguards, Building Supervisors, Personal Trainers and more listed on the website. 

Visit Student Employment – Kutztown University to learn more about the job opportunities that are available. The application process is simple and does not require more than a few minutes to complete. During your morning scrolls on your phone, check out their site and try putting yourself out there! 

Students can find the application form at Student Employment Application ( The student will then be asked for basic information such as their name, date of birth, and KU email. Once all the general information is filled in, students will be asked questions about the position. 

In the “Position” part, students will check off what semester they want to apply for and the duties they are looking to take on for the semester. The application will then ask for information on their availability and personal skills; this is a great place to flesh out previous experiences.  

The student can list any positions they have helped in the past, which do not have to be related to the position that they are applying for.  

Lastly, the students should list three references with name and phone number. The references should be the people who will speak an honest and good opinion of the student: co-workers, professors, places of involvement and even coaches. 

Once the student has completed their application, they can sign their name at the bottom and submit the application. Then, all that is left is to wait for a response about your potential new job. This will give students a great resume builder and spending money in their pockets.


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