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Feminista Jones delivers keynote speech at KU to conclude Women’s History Month

By Kaitlyn Resline
Arts & Entertainment Editor

To conclude a series of events at KU for Women’s History Month, Feminista Jones delivered a Keynote speech on March 28 at 6 p.m. in MSU 218. Her speech focused on the history of feminism and how feminist work should continue in the future. 

Jones is a Philadelphia-based feminist speaker and writer. Her feminist themes also center on queer identity, critical race theory, and mental health. She has also published the book, “Reclaiming Our Space: How Black Feminism is Changing the World from the Tweets to the Streets.”

Jones opened her speech by addressing women’s reluctance to identify as feminists because feminism is often understood as hating men. According to Jones, only 32% of women identify as feminists.

“When you shy away from feminism, why vote, use birth control or have sex?” Jones said. 

She explained this question by pointing out the disconnect between what feminism is and what people are led to believe it is. She encouraged her audience to do their own research into feminism and not take for granted the work that went into achieving these rights for women.

According to Jones, denying feminist work leades to a lack of agency, denial of advocacy and denial of empowerment. Instead, Jones argued that women deserve to have influence over their own decisions, speak up for themselves and build community, which can be achieved through feminist work. 

“We’re not in this fight because we’re coming from a place of hate,” Jones said. “It’s a place of love, self love and community love.” 

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