By Michael Alberto
Freeform Editor

KU old main building
Credit: Vincent Lattanzi

KU has been awarded a gold seal from the 2020 ALL IN Challenge. The gold seal indicates that between 70-79% of the student body participated and voted in the 2020 presidential election. 

In comparison to the 2016 presidential election, KU saw a 21.9% increase in voting participation. In 2016, 48.3% of the student body voted in the presidential election, compared to the 70.2% of the student body that voted in the 2020 presidential election. Because of passing the 70% threshold, KU was awarded the gold seal to signify the achievement.

ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge is a nonprofit and nonpartisan organization that works with different universities and colleges throughout the nation to increase involvement in the democratic process of voting and other engagement. Through a combination of civil learning, political engagement and voter participation, ALL IN hopes to strengthen the student bodies of different universities to increase voter turnout and political involvement. 

Data used to gather the results of KU student body voting statistics was made anonymous in order to ensure voting confidentiality for the entire student body. 

More information about ALL IN can be located at this link. 


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