By Devin Bender
Sports Editor

KU won against New Haven (UNH) in a rather defense-heavy game. The final score was 10-7.

KU win against UNH in the NCAA
Credit: Sean Phillips

Both teams’ defense took the upper hand in the first half of the game. Neither of the teams was able to score points on the board.

Late in the third quarter KU’s Nick Coppolini scored a 3 point field goal for KU. The first points of the game made the score 3-0, KU.

In the fourth, Nickle completed a pass to Derek Anderson at the 1-yard line.. Jeremiah Nelson was able to go that one extra yard for the touchdown and Coppolino added the extra point, making the score 10-0.

UNH did not leave the game without scoring their own touchdown late in the fourth quarter. UNH’s Jake Conlan helped the team score a touchdown, with an extra point by Briant DeFelice. 

KU won the game 10-7, advancing them to the Quarter Finals. KU takes on West Virgin Shepherd Rams Dec. 4 at 12:05 p.m. At Andre Reed Stadium This will be the first time in 105 years that KU has played a football game in December.


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