By Nichole Schleihauf
Arts & Entertainment Editor

During the week of Halloween, the LGBTQ+ Resource Center invited the Paranormal Association of Kutztown University (PAKU) to do an investigation into whether the rumors about the Boxwood House being haunted are true. Since older houses tend to have a higher chance of paranormal presence, the group picked up on a few disturbances near the top floor.

PAKU supplied the attendees with some materials to aid in the search. These included EMF Devices, Ovilus, and sets of dowsing rods.

The group found the EMF Device to be the most helpful. The device worked like an electromagnetic game of ‘hot or cold.’ It would beep faster when it picked up on electromagnetic fields, thus a higher likelihood of ghosts being nearby. 

An Ovilus takes readings of vibrations in a room and puts them into words. The device supplied could only transmit the message through headphones. The Ovilus did not pick up any verbal signs of communication from roaming spirits.

The dowsing rods also aided greatly in the hunt. The user would hold one rod in each hand. Iif they overlapped, it meant yes, and if it was apart it meant no. Only when the lights were turned off and a member jokingly asked if anyone knew any good ghost stories did the rods cross in an overwhelming yes. 

For most of the evening, the EMF only got a significant reading closer to the higher floors. The presence upstairs had been deemed too dangerous by PAKU’s standards, so  as a result, the group decided it was best to put the activity to rest.

For more information on the supernatural happenings around campus, the Paranormal Association of KU meets every Thursday at 6:30 p.m. in the Blue Room in Old Main.


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