By Devin Bender
Sports Editor

Jack Hollar is a nineteen-year-old freshman runner on the KU’s Men’s Cross-Country team. He started cross country in middle school and has continued with the sport since. 

Jack Hollar
Credit: Vincent Lattanzi

When asked why he started doing cross country, Hollar said, “My mom made me do it.”

Hollar finished his run in the PSAC Cross Country Championships 6k run in 27:57.6 minutes, giving him fifty-sixth place. His performance helped KU as a team receive eighth place.

After middle school, Hollar continued his love for running throughout high school and college. He enjoys running and plans to continue to do it long-term.

Hollar’s decision to join KU’s team was because of his coach, Ray Hoffman, who is the current coach of the KU’s Cross Country teams. Hollar said that he loves the atmosphere of the team, and everyone welcomes each other with kindness.

Hollar is working on getting his bachelor’s in computer science with the hopes of one day being a game designer.

In Hollar’s free time, he enjoys watching NASCAR and football. His favorite football team is the New York Giants.


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