Records Show More Than 800 KU Students Moved Off Campus Due to COVID-19

By Michele Kamienski
Contributing Writer

More than 800 students who had been living on campus moved to off-campus accommodations because of COVID-19 during the fall and the spring semesters, according to university records.

During that period, 1,466 students moved off campus, but only 881 of those students moved off campus strictly because of COVID-19, according to documents obtained through a Right-to-Know Law request submitted to KU.

“I left Kutztown because of COVID and nothing was open, and it was lonely,” said Hailey Juba, a freshman who did not come back to campus after the fall semester. “A lot of people weren’t on campus, and all of the restrictions ruined the experience.”

Other students expressed similar feelings.

“We moved off campus because there were too many COVID cases, and there was nothing to do around campus,” said twins Maya and Amber Catagnus, who are both KU freshmen.

While the number of students that moved off campus is significant, many chose to stay on campus Students report staying for many reasons, including sports and on-campus jobs, as well as wanting to take part in on-campus opportunities. 

University officials said they worked to be flexible with students during these difficult times.

“We were very understanding that each student handles the effects of the pandemic personally,” said Amanda Fretz, KU’s director of housing and dining services. “We did our best to meet the needs of all of our students as best we could.”

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