By Spencer Ford
Recruitment and Retention Manager

After two years of testing and deliberating, American singer and actress Hayley Kiyoko has officially launched and released her first-ever perfume, “Hue.” 

The perfume, which was shipped out on pre-orders on March 4, comes in a sleek, minimalistic, matte-red bottle, with gold detailing around the lid and on the nameplate. The box packaging is a soft peach color, and on the back is an abstract watercolor painting of Kiyoko.

In an interview she did with Allure, Kiyoko said Hue is “a fragrance with fruity notes, like blood orange, watermelon and lychee, alongside florals, such as peony and rose; and a warm, deep finish of musk and cacao.” She also notes that the scent is gender-inclusive, as scent doesn’t have a gender, and that anyone who wants to use her perfume can.

Buying this perfume online without knowing what it smelled like was nerve-wracking for me, as I tend to stick to the basics of what I know. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I received my product.

My initial reaction to the perfume was the notes of the floral elements and how well they balance out the fruity ones. Neither of these two elements are too overbearing, and they blend together really well. I really enjoyed the somewhat citrus scent that lingers.

My favorite thing about this scent, however, is the final few notes’ fragrance. Like Kiyoko mentioned, she included a deep finish of musk and cacao. As someone who has worn the same “Warm Vanilla Sugar” scent from Bath & Body Works since I was 14, this was the part I was most nervous about.

I was once again pleasantly surprised. The warmth from the musk and cacao really balanced out the lightness that the citrus and floral brought to the table.

Altogether, this perfume feels like a warm and comforting hug and has quickly become part of my daily routine. As I wear it, I have noticed I have been receiving compliments on how I smell. I really recommend this perfume to anyone who is wishing to change things up in their daily routine. 

What makes this perfume so appealing to so many buyers is who made it. Kiyoko is a lesbian singer/songwriter, and many of her songs have been a core memory for many LGBTQ+ youth growing up. Having a strong presence that young people feel represented by is important, and for many, Kiyoko was that presence. 

Having healthy, positive representation is something that matters, and that oftentimes many LGBTQ+ don’t see/get. The release of this fragrance is an important step for that type of representation.

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