By Carin Holmes
Assistant News Editor

The Student Government Board (SGB) held a treasurers meeting on Tuesday, March 9 as they try to figure out how to eliminate the current budget deficit. 

“The main purpose was to gather everyone and discuss the budget deficit we are facing and how student groups can help with that,” said SGB Treasurer Garrett Hudak. 

The SGB is currently facing a $350,000 budget deficit, the result of less students paying the student activity fee during the pandemic. The SGB is hoping that with the help of student groups, they can save $350,000 this year to carry over into next year to eliminate the deficit. 

Hudak said this is the time of year that student groups begin spending unnecessary money and that they are encouraging groups to limit their spending.

What the SGB said about needing to cut down on unnecessary spending does not apply to the Model UN Club, according to Model UN Treasurer Zachary Rogers.

Prior to the pandemic, most of that group’s focus was on travelling to debates against Ivy League schools. As a result of the pandemic, they have not travelled in a year. Instead, some members have opted to compete in virtual conferences.

Approximately 75% of Model UN’s budget will be left unspent due to the loss of travel opportunities. 

The History Club has also seen a change in spending that is affecting their budget this year, as stated by the History Club Treasurer Julivette Torres. This year, they have had to cancel their normal presentations, trips to local museums and their trip to the Renaissance Faire.

Torres said that the History Club has been unable to host their normal apparel and bake sale fundraisers during the pandemic, which allows them to operate on a limited budget. The club has been brainstorming ideas of how to help their budget and have been planning fundraisers for the spring. 

According to Hudak, the SGB is not currently planning to increase the student activity fee since it has already been increased in recent years. However, it could become a last resort if they are unable to make up the deficit. 

The budget for next year will be decided on and approved in the next one to two months. 


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