By Sabrina Betterly
News Editor

Hot Plate Southern Kitchen in Allentown.
Credit: Ryan Kneller/ The Morning Call

Two more restaurants in downtown Allentown closed recently, adding to the ever growing list of permanently shut down restaurants struggling amidst the pandemic. J’s Steak and Subs closed in December, and Hot Plate Southern Kitchen closed Jan. 30, according to The Morning Call.

The owner of J’s, Ed Lozano, reportedly had said to The Morning Call that he chose to close due to lack of business in the area as well as less traffic with people staying home.

As for the Southern Kitchen, owner T.R. Burns says his closure was due to the pandemic and problems with the landlord, but he intends to reopen the restaurant in a different location in Allentown in late spring.

These two restaurants are just a few of many who have been forced to close their doors, temporarily and permanently, in Allentown because of the pandemic, such as Tim Horton’s, The Dime, and Bay Leaf. 

It is a tough time for restaurants, as there’s still a capacity limit with dining in PA and no sign of it ending anytime soon. It is expected that more restaurants may follow suit in closures. 


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