By Melissa Fatzinger
Contributing Writer


After the end of “Avengers: Endgame,” Marvel fans all over the world were devastated. So many favorite characters such as Tony Stark and Black Widow were lost, leaving a gut-wrenching “I love you 3000”-sized hole in our hearts. Yet with the debut of “WandaVision,” that hole has become smaller for some.

“WandaVision” is acclaimed as “a messy but pleasantly silly superhero sitcom” by USA Today and “an odd duck, a high-concept combination of paranoiac mystery and nostalgic pop-culture burlesque” by the New York Times.

“WandaVision” follows two Avengers, Vision and Wanda, through a series of sitcom-like episodes that fill the watcher with joy and familiarity. However, as things go on, everything becomes a little fuzzy around the edges. There are so many things we don’t know and do know, as common with Marvel.

Why did the series start out in black and white and slowly fade to color? Why are we flipping through decades like a teenager flips through song on Spotify or Apple Music?

Fans everywhere are speculating whether an X-Men crossover is coming soon or if the Marvel Universe is starting over fresh. The comics leave a lot to the imagination, but do offer a lot of clarity, as they lay out a perfect next step for Marvel—Mephisto who brings havoc to Wanda and the Avengers in the comic storylines.

With the appearance of people we had never thought we would see again popping up in “WandaVision” as well as some fresh faces, some things are left completely up in the air, and all we can do is keep speculating and wait for the bubble to pop.


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