By Christopher Mullen & Spencer Schumacker
Contributing Writers

On Jan. 24, the Philadelphia Eagles selected Nick Sirianni, the former offensive coordinate from the Indianapolis Colts, to become their 24th head coach. There are speculations that this move is to fix the once Pro Bowl quarterback Carson Wentz who admired Frank Reich’s coaching style in the 2017-2018 championship season. 

The Philadelphia front office is known for pulling their coach’s strings since Chip Kelly’s firing in 2015. The challenges ahead are no easy feat, especially with a broken and aging roster and quarterback controversy (Carson Wentz vs. Jalen Hurts). 

The Philadelphia Eagles Hire Nick Sirianni
Credit: NBC Sports

However, outside of the organization’s difficulties, Sirianni has not proven himself unique with his short three years in the league as offensive coordinator. Without calling one play in the NFL, he cannot be credited with assisting Andrew Luck in earning Comeback Player of the Year or the advancement of the Colts to the playoffs this season. 

Sirianni’s name is linked to the development of Los Angeles Chargers’ Pro Bowl wide receivers Keenan Allen and Indianapolis Colts’ running back rookie Johnathan Taylor. Nonetheless, compared to the other candidates–Josh McDaniels from New England, Eric Bieniemy from Kansas City, and Philly’s own Duce Staley–it leaves many to question Jeffrey Lurie’s decision with other more qualified applicants on the market to lift the Eagles out of the cellar of the NFC East. 

Former Coach Pederson, after an incredibly mediocre season, tried to promote Press Taylor to his offensive coordinator while keeping most of the other staff intact. Many still are left to wonder if a new coach will truly make the same impact that Pederson made for the franchise.  

While no fan would simply ask Lurie to give Pederson all the strings as he did with previous coach Chip Kelly, it is important to recognize the problems extend beyond the coach.

Time will tell if this hiring is successful. Regardless, Pederson was a wildcard hire but now the only Philadelphia Eagles coach to win the Super Bowl. Perhaps this can be repeated with Nick Sirianni.


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