By Melissa Fatzinger
Contributing Writer

Bridgerton, the wildly popular Netflix show, is sweeping the nation and making watchers nostalgic for the dreamy and comforting lull of dance cards, balls, and courting of the early 1800s. Times have certainly changed since then, but is romance like that even still alive today?


In the show, Simon, the Duke of Hastings, begins courting Daphne, the diamond of the season, with flowers, dances and many appearances at balls. But today, does this kind of stuff even really happen—even by modern standards?

Nowadays, people spend an average $136.57 per person on Valentine’s Day alone, according to ABC news, normally between flowers, chocolates, and restaurants. Aside from Valentine’s Day, people only spend around $25-$80 dollars normally between flowers, chocolate, and dates.

In the times of Bridgerton, every day was about building a strong relationship foundation and proving appreciation during courting. Nowadays, people hop in and out of relationships faster than someone could yell “Bingo!”

Flowers, chocolate, and gifts are becoming less and less common everyday, as old-timey romance seems to be going out the window. With how material based most people’s identities are, these acts of kindness and love seem to be slowly losing meaning.

With gifts losing value and romantic meaning, it doesn’t look too good for flower and candy companies or restaurants when it comes to modern courting. Where will typical romance be in another 10 years? Even another 20?

All we can do is take a guess.

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