By Derek Lopez
Contributing Writer

As students all over the world deal with the difficult circumstances of having to transition to online learning, KU has been no exception, but the year is now coming to a close. 

“I am very relieved, but it is also a bittersweet feeling about it since I am graduating in a week. It is crazy how fast time has flown by in the last three and a half years, but I’m grateful for all that I’ve learned, the professors that have impacted my life and all the friends that I’ve made along the way,” said graduating senior Nicki Wolf. 

“It’s hard to get knocked off your regular schedule and not be able to control it.”

-Chris Thomas, KU Football Player

This feeling can be shared by all students who have had to deal with this switch to online learning because of the COVID-19 pandemic that has swept around the world. Some students hope they can resume their normal life at some point in 2021. Some students just want to enjoy playing collegiate sports again and play the game they grew up loving. 

“It’s hard to get knocked off your regular schedule and not be able to control it. I can’t wait to get back on the field with my brothers,” said  KU starting linebacker Chris Thomas. 

2020 has been especially hard for parents to see their children have to deal with these drastic changes in the midst of getting a quality education at KU. 

“I pray that this will end and my daughter will be able to resume her normal schooling hopefully by next fall,” said KU mother Debbie Armstrong. 

The class that is graduating on Dec. 12 has been through a lot the last two semesters and they are going to be entering the workforce with a great education. The students who are returning in the spring have to remain strong and keep following the CDC guidelines. 

A weird year for KU should only continue to unite the KU community as they pursue their degrees and build lifelong friendships.


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