By Amanda Grebosky
Contributing Writer

As of Nov. 11, KU’s Track & Field Teams have officially canceled their indoor season, but their  outdoor season could still be a possibility. 

“I am sad that I lost a semester and potentially will lose a spring season, but since I am a freshman, I know that there will be an opportunity for me to compete in the next few years,” Juliana Elsser said. 

Freshman distance runner, Elsser has displayed a positive attitude during this pandemic and how it has affected her first year of collegiate sports. 

Elsser has been home this semester due to the rapid COVID-19 outbreak on and off campus. She has continued to stay motivated and train individually, following a workout plan given to her by her coach. 

“I truly enjoy running, whether I will be competing or not,” Elsser said.

On Oct. 26, the Track and Field Team held their shortly lived week-long training at the Andre Reed Stadium Outdoor Track. All team members and coaches were required to follow the COVID-19 social distancing guidelines. 

The Track and Field Team Hoping for a Spring Season
Credit: KUBears

At practice, each team member was required to have their temperature taken, fill out a questionnaire from their coach, separate into group pods and wear a mask.These actions were put in place to continuously keep student athletes safe during this pandemic while continuing to train for their seasons. 

Being a student athlete during the global pandemic has been difficult for many student athletes attending KU. Although running outside may be some student athletes’ main source of training, others have the difficulty of finding a training space and equipment. 

Senior pole-vaulter Ally Tama has been having more of a difficult time practicing this semester because of COVID-19.

“My event is pole vaulting, and to train for it, I need equipment like the mat and poles. I do not have access to these things, so I haven’t worked on my specific event since the start of COVID-19,” said Tama. 

COVID-19 has created a surreal Fall semester. During this semester courses have changed to hybrid or online creating changes in class routine and sport routine. 

“This semester just hasn’t felt real. I feel like I was completely robbed two semesters of my college experience,” said Tama. “I feel like things are always changing, and it has been very hard to have a set routine. The motivation seems to be down for everyone including our professors and coaches.” 

Overall, the KU Track and Field team are in the process of figuring out their spring season and ultimately moving forward during this pandemic. 


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