By Dylan Adams
News Editor

Coffee, Cops and Conversation was a Zoom event held on Thursday, Nov. 5 at 11:00 a.m. to connect students and local police.

The event focused on opening a dialogue between KU students and local Kutztown law-enforcement. Topics included key issues that affected both national and local topics.

John Dillon and David Drezek, two members of the Kutztown Public Safety Police Department, provided their own personal opinions on sensitive topics.

Students asked an array of questions, ranging from thoughts on police brutality, COVID-19, Black Lives Matter relationships, police funding, mental-health awareness and LGBTQ information.

Throughout the Zoom meeting, accounts abused the open-mic set-up, throwing racial slurs and causing disruption to the calm and collected flow of discussion. 

These internet trolls were removed but continued to pop up throughout the event. This continued until a mute-unmute system was put into place, slowing the flow of discussion due to members being required to ask permission before being unmuted to speak.

The event lasted around 40 minutes and had around 17 participants.


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