By Lauren Gudknecht
Sports Editor

Collin Wickramaratna, a junior KU wrestler has dedicated 15 years of his life to wrestling, and not being able to step on the mat for eight months because of COVID-19 has been bugging him.

“The closest thing I got to the feeling of wrestling is spikeball,” Wick said. 

Playing spikeball helps clear his mind but does not compare to wrestling.

“I think that wrestling clears my mind better than spikeball because I have an actual goal in wrestling, and I am planning on breaking records,” Wick added.

KU Wrestler Collin Wick Speaks on COVID-19
Credit: KU bears

While many people only look at the negatives of the pandemic restrictions, Collin Wick is able to see some positives. 

“I got closer with friends and my residents since I am now a CA on campus. I had the time to get a girlfriend, so it is not all bad, but there is an urge to step back on the mat,” Wick said

Wick has won many career honors such as the 2020 All-PSAC First Team, 2020 National Qualifier, and 2020 Super Region I Champion. 

Due to social-distancing restrictions, all members of the team are working out and practicing on their own. However, Wick is optimistic that it won’t last forever as news of fall sports moving to the spring semester was discussed by PSAC. 

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