By Derek Lopez
Contributing Writer

Dining Services at KU are continuing to provide meal options for students amid the COVID-19 global health crisis. Extra measures and new policies were introduced at the beginning of the semester to help reduce the spread of the coronavirus

“We’ve done a lot for the students here at Kutztown. We’ve spent around $200,000 on plexiglass and other methods of safety to ensure that students are safe while they are dining in our halls,” said Dining Services Director Cody Moyer.

While most students are abiding by the social-distancing guidelines and the campus is very quiet because of COVID-19, food locations such as Chick-fil-A and other eateries in the Academic Forum are still open to provide students with the food choices that they love. 

Campus Chick-Fil-A using MobileOrder app Credit: Brittney Baldwin

“We are looking to continue to give our students options of how they want to eat, and we have implemented a to-go option for students. We’ve also given students the option of mobile ordering. We have an app called MobileOrder (Transact Mobile Ordering) for students to order food remotely from the Academic Forum to allow for more social distancing which is the first time that we’ve ever done that. A safe dining experience is key with these options,” said Moyer. 

As for the spring semester, procedures could be the same or different depending on the next couple of months regarding COVID-19. Moyer assumes that the policies in place now will remain the same in the spring as well.

“Ensuring student safety is our top priority, and we have a sense of the patterns from the fall semester so far that will help us when it comes time to prepare for the spring semester,” said Moyer.

Though none of us know when the COVID-19 pandemic will end, Dining Services looks to continue to provide students with a safe and quick way of enjoying the food that they love on campus..

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