By Jenny Wallace
Arts & Entertainment Editor

Thanks to quarantine, many people around the world were left with nothing to do except scroll through social media sites like Tiktok. This has allowed media influencers like Ana Coto to grow in popularity, creating not only a large fanbase for roller skating, but also selling out all skates worldwide.

Coto was just one of many influencers to gain a large following through roller skating. With different trending dances and tricks at the skatepark, people grew interested in the art of roller skating. 


It’s the little claps for me at the end that let me know I’m grooving.

♬ Dreams (2004 Remaster) – Fleetwood Mac
Credit: Ana Coto

By summertime, roller skates were sold out everywhere. Large brands like Moxi and Impala were sold out on every website, and new skating fans were out of luck. However, this roller skate shortage has allowed new brands like Moonlight Roller to grow significantly. 

As the weather grows colder, the obsession with skating is slowly dying down. This means that skates are becoming more available and accessible.

But will the skating trend disappear? When so many have invested hundreds in the hobby, I don’t see roller skating disappearing completely. Once it warms back up again, I think even more people will be ready to join the skating community. As CBS news calls it, we’re living in “The Renaissance of Roller Skating.”


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