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Kutztones’ President Paige Henry Discusses COVID-19 Ramifications

By Jenny Wallace
Arts & Entertainment Editor

The COVID-19 pandemic protocols have put a screeching halt on anything and everything involving a live audience including music organizations on campus. Paige Henry, the president and music director of the a cappella group, Kutztones, shared her thoughts and concerns about the group regarding these strict but necessary guidelines.

In the spring semester, the Kutztones had practiced a full setlist in preparation for a concert, only for the campus to close. Since the nation is still suffering from COVID-19, there will not be a concert this semester either.

Credit: Instagram

“Each semester, we work hard to put on a concert that we are all excited about, but because we cannot do that this semester and missed out on last semester’s concert, it has made me feel a little bit sad but also determined for what I have set for the future,” Henry said.

With no concert to prepare for, the Kutztones plan to recruit for their group and function the best they can due to the circumstances by practicing social distancing and singing into the cloth of a face mask,

“[We’re] trying to come up with our very own COVID-19 protocol for the semester to ensure that all our members are safe while getting the same experience as you would during a concert season,” Henry said.

Since there is no safe way to perform live on campus due to capacity limitations and social distancing concerns, the group has decided to record their songs instead. 

“The future for the Kutztones means that there will be more opportunity to record songs and create mini albums as well as take the extra time to really practice our songs for a huge concert when COVID-19 is over, ” Henry added. The group plans on recording a mini album this semester.

With all the stress and uncertainty students have faced throughout these unprecedented times, the group continues to spend time with one another and keep each other afloat when the rest of the world seems to be drowning.

“Kutztones is an outlet for me and many of the members to just escape from life for a bit,” Henry said.

Whenever restrictions are finally lifted, Herry and the Kutztones will undoubtedly be prepared to come out and give a stellar performance.