KU Women’s Basketball Player Rylee Derr Speaks Out About COVID-19

By Lauren Gudknecht
Sports Editor

Senior Rylee Derr of the KU women’s basketball team said COVID-19 is impacting not only her, but the team drastically. 

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the season has been pushed back until at least January. PSAC is slated to reevaluate fall and winter sports scheduling at a later date, according to official press releases.

KU Women’s Basketball Player, Rylee Derr Speaks Out About COVID-19
Credit: KUbears

“We usually start pre-season in September and official practices mid-October,” Derr said.

According to KU’s athletic department, no team practices are allowed to take place until after Christmas to ensure the safety of the student-athletes. 

“During quarantine, my sister and I did home workouts every morning. All through summer I went to my gym at home and played in a couple of summer leagues,” Derr said. 

“It’s hard not playing the sport we love, but our health is our number one priority right now.”

Rylee Derr

Now being at KU, she is at the gym every day and getting some shots up at the KU park where there are basketball courts. Derr was also getting extra practice with the team’s assistant coach in the gym, but now due to different protocols, coaches are not allowed to do anything with their athletes. 

“As a team, we must make sure we are keeping active and in shape so we do not get behind,” Derr said.

Being a senior on the team, the situation is “heartbreaking,” she said. Not only does she feel bad for athletes, but for all the students at KU. As of now, there is no official timetable for the return of teams to the fields and courts for games.  

“It’s hard not playing the sport we love, but our health is our number one priority right now. Please continue to wear your mask and social distance so we can get back to doing the things we love,” Derr added. 

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