KU Missing Their College Football

By Derek Lopez
Contributing Writer

KU football coach and players are struggling since they don’t have a season this fall, but many are staying hopeful for a delayed season in late fall or spring.

KU Missing College Football
Credit: KU Bears

This semester, however, is a challenging time at KU because the game so many students grew up playing and watching is shelved because of COVID-19. It is especially hard on the coaching staff and players.

“This is really the first time since about 1985 that I haven’t either been playing or coaching, so it’s been a hard adjustment for me, and it stinks, but it’s the situation that we are dealing with,” said Head Football Coach Jim Clements.

With the way the sports world is reacting to the COVID-19 outbreak, restrictions on sports are strict and teams are extremely limited with what they are able to do while being away from their players.

“I really feel for these players because they love the game and them not being able to play it really hurts. They work really hard and not being able to play stinks. The seniors on the team are devastated, and I really feel for them,” said Clements.

Chris Thomas, a KU player, who was a potential late-round draft pick, is hurt by not having a season, but he is remaining positive and  hoping for some form of season this year.

“I believe if everyone does their part in following social distancing guidelines, we have a better chance of playing some type of season in the Spring. My plan is to use this time off to perfect my craft,” said Thomas.

Coach Clements has the same mindset when it comes to the school’s safety and feels it is in the best interest of everyone to follow the CDC guidelines.

“Everyone needs to be smart, wear a mask and do the right thing…Doing this will keep students safe as well as help the chances of a football season later this year potentially.”

Football is a tradition at KU and everyone would like to come together and cheer on the team. In order to even have a chance of doing that later this Fall or in the Spring, KU’s student body needs to be smart, wear their mask and social distance whenever possible.

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