Akello Mosby of KU Men’s Basketball Team Shares How COVID-19 Affects His Play Time

By Sammy Strobel
Assistant Sports Editor

As COVID-19continues to impact the daily lives of so many, we reached out to a member of the Kutztown Men’s Basketball Team.

Akello Mosby,  a junior secondary education major here at KU has played basketball for seven years. He has been on KU’s basketball team since freshman year.

Caption: Akello Mosby of the KU Men’s Basketball Team Shares How COVID-19 Affects His Play Time
Credit: KU Bears

When asked how COVID-19 has affected him this season, he said, “The COVID-19 pandemic has placed restrictions on my basketball workouts and limited my opportunities to play. I also lost the opportunity to work Orientations over the summer.” 

With that being said, he also understands the tough decisions that were made by both the PSAC and KU to “ensure the safety of all students, athletes, coaches, and staff,” Mosby states.

In preparation for the next season, Mosby continues to try his best and is eager to play with new team members.  “I am sure they will bring great skill sets and other intangibles that will help the team have a successful season,” Mosby said.

Not being able to play this season has been hard for both Mosby and his team members. Mosby feels that after years of playing a sport, our bodies and minds become used to a certain schedule, and this year that schedule is being thrown off. 

“[I’m] anxious to get back on the floor and play the sport that I love,” said Mosby.

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