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KUAB Treats KU Viewers to Virtual Musical Performance

By Jenny Wallace 
Arts & Entertainment Editor 

KUAB kicked off the semester with virtual performances by local artists Andre Saunders, Serah Banks and the musical group Verbosity on Aug. 24. Although nothing compares to an in-person concert, the livestream performance provided a unique experience and a great opportunity to listen to new artists.

After Saunders and Banks entertained viewers with their opening sets, headliner Verbosity performed with confidence. In anticipation of their upcoming EP release, Verbosity brought down the house with their original songs and lyrics about the harsh realities of social media and its influence on young minds.

Credit: Instagram

The musical trio started when three sisters fell in love with music. Specializing in hip-hop and R&B. Macky Monea, Niyah Iman and Breezii Lashayee are passionate about making a difference and influencing young listeners to be themselves. They stress the importance of education, singing about impactful subjects. In addition, they volunteer with organizations to help those suffering from domestic violence, homelessness and pediatric AIDS.

Following their performance, Verbosity answered questions that discussed the pros and cons of growing up in Philadelphia where inner city violence is common-place. They made the best of what they could and motivated themselves to do better. They learned from the world around them, writing inspirational and relatable songs, which ultimately led them to success in the music industry. Each group member had to look inside themselves, reflecting on why they wanted to do music in the first place, resulting in personal growth and a stronger connection to one another. 

Forming an identity and maintaining an image is easier said than done — unless you’re Verbosity. They found their audience by staying true to themselves. One man suggested they act “sexier,” and they immediately shut him down because that was not the image they wanted to present to young minds. On social media, the group stresses the importance of self-confidence and of never giving in to peer pressure. The most important message Verbosity wants to send their fans is that men and women are both kings and queens and deserve to be treated as such. 

Verbosity believes their role in society is to lift other women up and enable everyone to see the power each individual has. Inspired by artists like Lauren Hill, Beyonce and Kendrick Lamar, they avoid comparing themselves to other performers and instead have formed their own unique image. In addition, their personal beliefs have played a significant role in their lives, saying that God comes first and He is bigger than music.

Verbosity wants to inspire youth and teach impressionable young adults to make good decisions and to stop allowing social media to fool them so easily. They spread these messages in their songs “Temptations” and “Gimme a Caption,” encouraging listeners by telling them it is okay to be 100 percent unapologetically yourself and letting them know if they have a goal, their personal journey starts with themselves. 

“Do it, don’t let anybody tell you you can’t, just do it, go for it…if God gave you a gift, share it with the world, don’t be shy.” – Verbosity