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The Art of a Pandemic

By Jenny Wallace
Arts & Entertainment Editor

A year ago, something as simple as ending the night with your current Netflix binge was a luxury; after a hard day’s work, you came home, did some laundry, cooked dinner, and finally relaxed by plopping onto the couch and turning on the television. In 2020, with hours upon hours logged on streaming services, that’s probably the last thing you want to do.

With no end in sight, COVID-19 has devastated the entire world, infecting millions with the virus and leaving everyone else with nothing but uncertainty. What seemed to be an inconvenient illness has now made day to day life an unfamiliar ritual, leaving many with financial struggle and even more without jobs. 

Many have started taking this time to self-reflect, considering their current state of life compared to the previous one and recognizing the things they took for granted. Some have even gone so far as to pick up new hobbies or new talents. Using the online world to better yourself at something as simple as drawing or playing guitar could be an effective distraction from the chaos that exists in the world today.

If you didn’t pick up an artistic hobby, you probably found a lazier one – watching TV. An art of its own, modern television streaming makes wasting time significantly easier. With every show and movie at your disposal, it’s impossible to not give some extra time to the screen. 

After months have passed, and dozens of TV series have been watched, what else is there to do? Your eyes hurt, your legs are numb, and you’ve seen every movie trope in the book. You find yourself thinking back to when you were laboring away at work, dreaming to have this much time sitting on the living room couch.

Although you miss getting out of the house every day, try to remember times in the past when you would kill to have this much free time. It’s all about your frame of mind. You can spend your time wishing you had less free time or you could make the most of it.


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