Fans running out of patience as teams refuse ticket refunds

By Lauren Gudknecht
Assistant Sports Editor

Due to COVID-19, teams and leagues in the NBA, NHL, and MLB have been shut down for the season.

There is an estimated amount of $1 billion in consumer capital held by franchises and ticket services, and the patience of the fans is running out. Earlier in the week, there was a lawsuit filed against MLB, its 30 franchises and ticket vendors such as Ticketmaster and StubHub, seeking the repayment of tickets purchased. It was claimed that defendants “are aware that their representations that the 2020 MLB regular season will be played is false and misleading,” says USA Today.

The NBA and NHL season ticket holders are wondering what is to come with the five to ten games worth of inventory left, as they, too, are not getting refunds, but instead are receiving invoices for the 2020-21 season tickets.

According to USA Today, “Andrew Katers already feels disillusioned. A small-business owner who has held Denver Nuggets season tickets for about 10 years, he was startled to find his first post-shutdown communication from the team was an email toward the end of March indicating he’d be charged for a second installment of 2020-21 tickets on April 1.”

NHL spokesperson, John Dellapina, stated, “ticketing practices and policies are left up to individual teams, while MLB and NBA teams are taking direction from league offices, who have opted not to cancel games yet, but rather continue classifying them as ‘postponed.’”

As of right now the league is telling the teams to treat the games like rainouts and encourage fans to retain tickets while letting them know they hope to play as many games as possible. The teams welcome the fans to call the ticket department to address the issue further.


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