KU’s upcoming seniors express disappointment over potential Fall 2020 lockdown

By Kate Baron
Contributing Writer

Due to COVID-19, KU has moved all classes online for the second half of the Spring 2020 semester. Classes were moved online for the safety of the students and KU faculty. Now there are rumors spreading that classes may remain online through the Fall 2020 semester.

As an upcoming senior, thinking about how I might not be able to set foot on campus my senior year upsets me.As a commuter student, I enjoy traveling to campus and participating in all the activities KU has to offer. 

I asked several students their thoughts on this matter, and all of them have varying opinions. 

“I think they [KU] should have a good amount of online classes if necessary, but some classes are really difficult, if not impossible, to take online, so they should have them in person,” says Sydney Buch, an upcoming senior. Higher level classes require more professional instruction to comprehend. 

“A lot of my material is hands-on and being online is just not the same,” says Lea Rossanese, an upcoming senior elementary and special education major. For education majors, participating in strictly online classes will not enhance their teaching skills, and that worries Rossanese. 

“It honestly makes me sad! I usually take a couple classes online, but I like having some classes on campus. Senior year is so memorable, and it’ll be sad if we can’t experience it like we normally would,” says Jani DiNapoli, an upcoming senior communications major,  

Making memories with fellow students and professors is one of the main perks of attending college. For seniors, if this virus gets worse, it will take away all the memories we were going to make during our last year at Kutztown.

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