How to push through the Spring 2020 semester

By Amber Hunsicker
Contributing Writer

Students are facing challenging times as classes have moved fully online. Many students are not used to the pressures of online-only classes. Such classes demand self-discipline, good time management and critical thinking, which can be a struggle.

Some teachers have lessened the workload while others have added more work because they know students are locked in their homes. 

To get through your online classes, it is recommended  to check your email and D2L daily. There is constantly information being sent out to students to assist them during this time, including details on how to get online tutors, how to access the writing center, the latest university updates and more. Most professors also update consistently, posting due dates, assignments and material to study. 

Some teachers have gone out of their way to continue to teach their students virtually using videos or Zoom meetings. For those who are not receiving this help, I strongly recommend actually reading your textbooks. 

Unfortunately, this time has caused many students to have to teach themselves, but it does not mean that students are going to fail. Going fully online just means students have to do more work on their own. You have to force yourself to push through all the material, force yourself to sit down in the comfort of your home and get it done when you would much rather play with your pets and force yourself to find new ways to absorb the information. This time has been challenging for all of us, faculty, family and students. 

Feel free to reach out and email professors and faculty for help, set up phone appointments for clearer instruction or reach out to family or other students for additional help. 

We all want to succeed but only a select few will go the extra mile to make it happen in the toughest of times. We need to help lift each other up so we can all make it through the last few weeks of the Spring 2020 semester.

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