The new definition of quarantine

By Amber Hunsicker
Contributing Writer

On March 16, President Hawkinson made the decision to move KU to fully online classes. 

Many students are overwhelmed and dealing with the pressures of doing all their classes online, and as a student with six classes, I definitely understand. During this time, self-care and time management are definitely key. 

Originally, I was not excited about the quarantine either, until I saw a post on social media that said, “The new definition of quarantine: the time to do everything you wish you had time for.” 

Since we’re under lockdown, it is the perfect time to practice time management and to do things you normally don’t have much time for. Feel free to work out, start a diet, spend time with your family, get creative and do some arts and crafts, meditate, catch up on schoolwork, read a book, play video games or even just talk with friends. Now is the time you can catch up on cleaning and planning your life goals. 

The coronavirus may be scary and dangerous, but it does not have to take away from your goals or fun. Let the quarantine be a time to do all the things you haven’t been able to do. 


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