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KTV produces new segment amid lockdown

By Donovan Levine
Freeform Editor

KTV recently released its fourth and newest episode this year on April 7, directed by KU student Cara Cotellese. KTV is produced by students of the CTM department and is still producing episodes despite a government lockdown.

The episode starts off interviewing Bob Libby and Devin Lashbrook, the members of a band known as Sans Blix, who described their music journey and how they started out as a band. Bob needed somebody to fill in for his previous band at a gig and asked Devin to fill in. 


Sans Blix started around 2011 and has been making music ever since. Their genre falls between electronic pop and indie rock, and their music can be found on platforms such as Spotify or Bandcamp.

The next segment, “KU Hax,” on the same episode, featured footage of Renninger’s to showcase and promote a lot of their goods and services, primarily their pastries and cafe, and also highlighted their antique section and the local businesses that Renninger’s supports.

The following segment featured a review that explained and redefined comedy as it stands in art and entertainment.

The show concluded with “Two Dudes Cinema Club,” a KUR panel playing audio-only clips of quotes from famous movies and having to guess which movies they were, and then a discussion of the scenes afterward.