KUR Drops New Merch

By Maddie O’Shea
News Editor

KU Radio, otherwise known as KUR, has new merchandise available. Merchandise is available for both members and non-members.

Several club members requested new apparel from the eboard, said Andrew Zammetti, KUR’s Treasurer. 

“The idea for the ‘Tour’ style artwork on the back was from our president, Sam Sebia,” said Zammetti. “He said the idea as a joke, and a couple doodles turned into a whole project.”

Luke Voyer, a member of KUR, created the updated designs combined with the feedback of KUR members. He designs all branding assets for KUR shows. 

KUR started the project with a budget of $1,000. They were able to pay for nearly all of the budget on pre-sale purchases alone. KUR has seen an increase of students interested lately, which reflects on its presale success. Because of all the support, Zammetti wanted to make sure everyone who wanted merch was able to get it.

“We’re still having students buy up the original order,” said Zammetti.

Currently, KUR has hoodies and t-shirts available in limited quantities. In the past, they have sold long sleeve shirts, mugs and pens. With the new merch, they hope to add water bottles, keychains and hats. 

“For students already in KUR, the merch is top quality,” said Zammetti. “Seeing all your friends wearing the same hoodie adds to the community feeling of being in the station.”

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