Derek Lopez 
Contributing writer

The KU men’s wrestling team continues its successful season as they prepare for their away match at East Stroudsburg on Wednesday Feb. 19. 

“The team is performing very well, and the goal is to get as many people to the National Tournament and get as many All-Americans as possible,” Coach Fisher said.  

KU Wrestling Article by Derek Lopez.png Men’s Wrestling team prepare for a season match against East Stroudsburg – Photo courtesy of Kubears

One of the seniors, Chad Haegle, went down with a season-ending injury but continues to support his teammates. “I’m around the team all the time, and I try to help any way I can,” said Haegle. 

“This team has a different mentality and brings a positive energy every day. That makes us perform better during matches,” said Collin Wickramaratna, a new wrestler for the team from Ursinus. 

The team is looking to gain another win to add to their 8-4 overall season totals. 

Looking ahead, the Golden Bears will compete on Feb. 29 at the NCAA Super Region l Championships. 

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