Keystone transitions to online only

By Maddie O’Shea
News Editor

Since 1933, The Keystone has been the official student paper of KU. To update its presence in journalism’s evolutionary digital age, “The Keystone Newspaper” has transitioned into delivering news solely online. 

Previously, “The Keystone” was printed every three weeks in color while articles were shared online. While the print version was well received by the student body, it was in desperate need of a digital update. The news was not being delivered as efficiently as it could be online. The hope with the transition is that it will reach a wider range of students instantly. 

“With the way times are changing, I think it’s smart to do online news only,” said KU junior Jena Fowler. “It’s more convenient for students and it’s a way for news to reach people faster.”

The site still has the same sections as the print version: News, Opinion (previously Freeform), Sports and Arts and Entertainment. In addition, section editors will continue to organize stories and online content. 

While KU students are unable to pick up physical copies across campus, news will be posted to each section daily via its main site, thekeystonenews.com, and its Facebook page @TheKeystone.  

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  1. Have you thought about renaming the “paper” website to something that reflects that it is a student newspaper from Kutztown University. Keystone resonants with the state of Pennsylvania as a whole and is not at all specific to KU.