Women’s Basketball plays Jefferson University on Nov. 19

By Bonnie Charles
Lead Writer

On Nov. 19, the KU women’s basketball team defeated Jefferson University 65-61 in a non-conference game. 

The Bears stayed one point ahead of the Rams during the first two quarters. At halftime, the Bears were up 38-36. 

In the third quarter, the Rams were up with a score of 51-49. At the fourth quarter, the Bears brought the game to 55-51 with the Rams still leading. KU guard Rylee Derr had a three-pointer and a lay-up. KU guard Annie Whalen had a three-pointer as well. The Rams brought the score to a tie of 59-59 with 1:24 left in the game. KU guard Zoe Zerman scored a three-pointer to put KU in the lead. 

Guard Karen Lapkiewicz, forward Gabbi Wright and center Sydney Pierson—all KU players—each added two points. Lapkiewicz had three assists and Wright had three rebounds during the game.  

Derr reached her 1,005-point personal mark against the Rams. Derr finished the game with a season-high 22 points, six rebounds and five assists. Zerman had her season-high 12 points and a career-best of seven rebounds during the game. 

KU forward Brianna Tarabocchia contributed to the game with nine points. Tarabocchia had a season-high tie of five rebounds with KU guard Casey Remolde. Remolde gained eight points for the Bears. Whalen had eight points and two rebounds to contribute to the win. 

The Bears will play in the PSAC against Clarion on Saturday and Pitt-Johnstown Sunday. 


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