Senior Field Hockey Goalie, Kerri Hanshaw, named National Field Hockey Coaches Association

By Bonnie Charles
Sports Editor 

KU senior field hockey goalie, Kerri Hanshaw, was nationally recognized as the NFHCA Division II defensive player of the week. Hanshaw was also recognized as the PSAC player of the week after KU won against Millersville.  

On Oct. 17, the field hockey team beat Millersville by one point in an overtime shootout. Hanshaw stated, “Throughout all of the four years, for the seniors, we have never beaten Millersville. We have come so close so many times, but they got a ‘stupid’ goal either through a defensive breakdown or from a penalty shot. We have beaten harder teams before. If you take out the tournament and championships, our goal was to win and prove that we are the top team. We wanted to prove that the KU field hockey team was coming like a storm. We wanted to prove that we were ready.” 

Kerri Hanshaw awarded Defensive Player of the week by PSAC and NFHCA

The teams played a scoreless game for sixty minutes and fought to keep the ball out of the net. During overtime, they battled in two ten minute, 7-vs-7 periods, which led to a 1-vs-1 shootout. Hanshaw fought to protect the net alongside her teammates. 

She stated, “I want to relive the game and have the same result without going into 1-vs-1.” A few balls hit the back of Hanshaw’s net, but with the last player, she made the save that would help her team gain the win over Millersville. 

“Receiving the recognition was kind of crazy,” Hanshaw said. “I knew I had a good game, but there were so many field hockey players that should have gotten it. From the players on the field to the coaches and the players on the bench, we all deserved it.” 

Both Hanshaw’s teammates and coaching staff have helped her in achieving her goals and reaching her dreams. Hanshaw said, “Coach Marci gave me a chance to play here. It’s always been a dream of mine to play field hockey in college. The team itself, we have all been working on our own little things, but without them pushing, I would not have been able to achieve my goals.”

“My biggest blessing was coming to KU and playing for the team,” Hanshaw added. “I would not want to play on any other team.” 

When asked what advice she can give to others in respect to graduating from college and athletics, Hanshaw became emotional. She said, “When you go out to practice, leave everything behind—all the drama, all the stressing over classes—and just focus on the sport. Athletes, don’t take advantage of your time on the field. Whether you play five minutes or none at all, you should leave the field knowing that you gave it your all, all 115 percent. Seniors, there is no better time than now to leave a legacy behind, so what one will you leave?”

“There are two quotes that I live by,” Hanshaw said. “And they both come from the movie ‘Miracle.’ The first one is, ‘Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.’ The second one is, ‘You play for the name on the front not the name on the back’. These two quotes coincide with our team motto, ‘You can’t play individually. This is a team sport. It takes a whole team to win a field hockey game.’” 

For the field hockey team, there are only three more in-season games before the tournament begins. Hanshaw said, “Our last game could be in a month from now or two weeks. But, we want to go as long as possible in the tournament. We want to bring home two rings, not one.”  

Hanshaw stated, “After graduating college, I plan on attending law school to get a sports law degree to become a sports agent. Field hockey wise, I would love to live somewhere that doesn’t have a well-developed program so that I could help it grow.” Hanshaw also said that she wants to allow everyone the chance to experience all of the good and the bad that every athlete faces and make the experience as memorable for them as it was for her. 


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