By Madison Smith
Contributing Writer

Helping to create community, the GLBTQ center, among other clubs, hosted PrideFest on Sept. 12 in the Recreation Center. 

The event had food, live entertainment, an inflatable obstacle course and booths held by other campus organizations.GLBTQ and Women’s Center Director, Christine Price said the event was in collaboration with the Student Government Board (SGB) and its president, Braden Hudak.

“The concept of a pride-themed event was an ongoing conversation for years,” Hudak said, “and I noticed that the goal was never achieved. So, I decided to take the initiative and lead the planning.” 


According to Price, planning for the event took “several meetings” that began before the end of last spring semester.

“We had a group of students become the PrideFest committee, and [we] reached out to other organizations to see if they were interested in sponsoring or participating in the event,” Hudak said. 

For those involved, PrideFest was a way to welcome and celebrate students in the GLBTQ community. 

“I think it means a lot to have a space to come, outside of the GLBTQ center, that is so welcoming of LGBTQ students,” said Price. 


The reactions from those who attended the event were overall positive. According to sophomore Kamelle Copeland, she enjoyed all the booths the event had. 

“There’s so much to do. They have stands set up so you can play games and make your own button,” Copeland said. 

Sophomore Joseph Figueroa said he enjoyed the live performances. 

“It’s a good show so far with the live acts,” Figueroa said. 

Copeland believed that PrideFest was important in bringing representation to campus. 

“[Representation] is important to have no matter what sexuality, gender or race. I get to express myself, and I’m so excited,” Copeland said. 

 Figueroa said the event helps to unite diversity groups. 

“I think it helps to build a bridge between the different groups and allows everyone to have some freedom,” Figueroa said. 

 Due to the success of PrideFest, Hudak has high hopes for the event to continue in the future. 

“It is my hope that PrideFest will become an annual event at Kutztown and that it will be a collaborative effort funded by many different groups,” Hudak said. 



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