Career Development Center hosts Internship & Job Fair

By Anthony Confino
Contributing Writer

On Wednesday, Oct. 2, KU held their bi-annual Internship & Job Fair to give students an opportunity to let employers see their resume, converse with some of the major companies in Pennsylvania and build the necessary connections for their careers.

Hundreds of students dressed professionally with their resumes in hand in hopes of making their first impressions with company representatives and begin to branch out their networks.

Job Fair MSU 223 – Photos by the Keystone

The event was held in MSU 218 and featured 68 various organizations, each with engaging representatives looking to hire students for internships and/or starting positions. The event was organized by Samantha Koller and Chad Ganley from the Career Development Center and presented a variety of successful business chains such as CVS, local jobs such as the Berks County Police and corporations such as Hershey or Giant food stores.

“We like to keep a variety,” said Koller, “some of the places we reached out to and some like to come to us. It’s about looking for motivated and hardworking individuals.”

The Internship & Job Fair happens twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall, giving students a platform to research and pursue specific jobs to hold down while attending college or career-driven jobs that allow students to get their foot in the door.


Job Fair MSU 218 – Photos by the Keystone

While also providing opportunities to apply to various jobs, the Career Development Center provides students the opportunity to attend workshop events in order to touch up and improve their resumes and also conduct mock-interviews to improve their social skills during on-the-spot interviews.

In case you missed this opportunity, there will still be another chance to take a leap into the business world in the spring of 2020. 

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