Hawkinson: KU in compliance with Middle States

By Kaylee Lindenmuth
News Editor

KU President Kenneth Hawkinson met with about two dozen students for an open-forum discussion on March 26, where he provided a multitude of updates on university matters and fielded questions from students.

Earlier in the morning, the KU community was invited to hear an update regarding a monitoring report submitted by KU to the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, the body which accredits the university. The meeting, while open to students and faculty, was not open to media.

Last June, following the decennial evaluation of the university, Middle States issued a warning, saying the university’s accreditation “may be in jeopardy” for noncompliance with Standard V.

A monitoring report was due on March 1, “documenting that the institution has achieved and can sustain ongoing compliance with Standard V.”

Hawkinson provided an update in the open forum on the meeting.

“We’re very excited because they announced that we are in compliance with all the standards,” said Hawkinson. “[The evaluators are] going to recommend compliance to their commission.”

Matt Santos, vice president of University Relations and Athletics, could not provide further information beyond what Hawkinson provided.


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